My First National Park

You might say that I’m obsessed with National Parks. Yosemite was my first, way back in 1987! Since then, I’ve visited more than forty of them, mostly with my dearly departed mom. Then I decided that it was my hiking goal to see them all on foot. Once again, Yosemite was one of my first.


Here I am relaxing on Cloud’s Rest, otherwise known as “heaven”. This shot is from 2012. I’ve done twenty-two other parks since then and am trying to do three a year, but some of them are just so darn great I keep going back! Think I’m going to renew my parks card before the fees go up to $70…

Author: brendakstone

Brenda K. Stone is the pen name for Barb Lee, a native of Western Massachusetts who loves to write, travel the world, hike the world, and go to rock concerts. When not engaging in these particular adventures or the several other activities she enjoys that leave her no time for rest, you can find her dreaming of living on the roads of the American West in an RV, and her fuzz ball bunny Muffin not far away, probably sleeping.

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