National Park Hiking: Denali

The world of National Park hiking gets a little (okay, a lot!) more difficult when Alaska comes into the equation. Photographs of awe-inspiring parks like Gates of the Arctic, Wrangell-St. Elias, (pictured) and Kenai Fjords make a hiker salivate:

Skookum Volcano Reflecting In A Pond Along The Nabesna Road In Wrangell-St. Elias National Park And Preserve, Southcentral Alaska, Summer, Hdr

But only a handful of the parks in Alaska are easily accessible to an average Jane, like me.

In my quest to hike all 59 National Parks in the U.S. Denali is the only park in Alaska I’ve conquered. This picture is actually a bit of a cheater, but it’s one of my favorites from my second trip to the 49th state:


I booked a Mt. McKinley fly-over out of Talkeetna, and the pilot landed in a natural amphitheater. Notice the glacier boots! Okay, I didn’t actually summit McKinley (and have no desire to!) but it’s a great memory, and it is part of Denali, which I spent three days hiking at a considerably lower elevation!

Author: brendakstone

Brenda K. Stone is the pen name for Barb Lee, a native of Western Massachusetts who loves to write, travel the world, hike the world, and go to rock concerts. When not engaging in these particular adventures or the several other activities she enjoys that leave her no time for rest, you can find her dreaming of living on the roads of the American West in an RV, and her fuzz ball bunny Muffin not far away, probably sleeping.

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