Inspiring Images: Highway Child

I don’t necessarily seek out celebs as inspiration for my characters. For gritty girl of the streets Highway Child a famous face wouldn’t do. I have no idea who this woman is that I chose to represent H.C. in my kooky head:

Highway Child

But whoever she is, she struck a cord in me out of hundreds of faces that came up when I searched for “young women with long black hair.”

Read about Highway Child and her naughty friends in Girls Gone Groupie and Gunning for Groupie Gold, available on my Books page.

Inspiring Images: Dandelion Dagger

Writers have different techniques for searching out inspiration. When I started writing my Girls of Glam Rock Series three years ago it was important for me to find images of my characters to inspire me and to have in my head while I was writing about them. For second generation groupie Dandelion Dagger I chose this image:


The woman in the picture is Audrina Patridge. The bikini is just as important as the long, dark hair and come-hither look. Thanks for the inspiration, Audrina!

Read about Dandelion and her naughty friends in Girls Gone Groupie, available on my Books page.


Six States Weekend

As a chronic road tripper I’m used to seeing the states go by pretty quickly. But I’m not sure I’ve ever hit six of them in a single weekend! It all started in Massachusetts. I have to count my home state, right? Friday morning I jumped in my car to head to…In Vermont

Well, I was just passing through on my way to White Mountains of New Hampshire, where my friend Kathy got the perfect shot of me getting the perfect shot:


That’s Artist’s Bluff, by the way. Nice hike. I spent the night in a camper for the first time in my life before going home the following afternoon. Sunday I took the train through Connecticut to New York City, and my first order of biz was to walk a little bridge in Washington Heights, named after some President.

GW Bridge

The George Washington Bridge passes from New York to New Jersey. That was my sixth state in three days: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey!

I finished the day in gorgeous Fort Tryon Park:

Fort Tryon

The road home took me back through Connecticut to Massachusetts. And that completed my six state weekend!



Away From It All

No matter how much you love doing something, sometimes you have to get away from it. Yesterday was my day to leave things behind for a little while.

Every teacher has a time of the school year that it’s hardest for them to get through. For me, it’s the beginning, from September to Thanksgiving, because I can’t get too far away from home. So I take small trips, like this one to Newport, RI, with my friend Kathy. I left writing and posting behind for the day, too. Needed it!

Newport 2