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Coming March 2019

Families Matter, Women Like Us, Book Four

Five Stories About Families in Crisis

Including, Sisters are Forever

Eddie was Mary’s first serious boyfriend.  She was a late bloomer of sorts, partly because she was a serious student in high school and didn’t want her quest to go to a good college interrupted.  But it was anyway, when Eddie moved to our town and started attending our school midway through her senior year.  I had just started ninth grade in the same school, Danielle was a sophomore, and Kitty was a junior, so we saw the whole thing unfold.

Eddie came to Crawford High from California, a golden boy surfing into our dull Midwestern town on a curling wave of blue, the same color as his sparkling eyes.  Mary, who never seemed to be interested in any guy even though she was pretty and certainly had her chances, changed overnight when she first laid eyes on Eddie.

I remember being at the dinner table the evening after the school day that had brought the new guy to our school.  Mary could hardly eat anything, and Mary loved to eat whatever simple but delicious dish Mom would invent for us on our shoestring budget.

“Honey, are you sick?” Mom had asked.

Looking past us all and out the window, Mary had said, “Yes, love sick.”

None of us had ever heard her say such a thing.  When I think now of how she had gazed through that pane of glass at the road, it was like she suddenly wanted to get on any piece of pavement that would take her to Eddie Kay.  And it didn’t take her long to find that piece of pavement.








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